If you have a big family you can relate!

Here is a list of thirty things that are quite common in a big family. If you have lived in a large family you will definitely be able to relate to some of the things on this list!

 If you don’t come from a big family, don’t worry, you will probably find this hilarious or even crazy!

  1. It is not uncommon to find that someone else has used your toothbrush by an accident! If your family is big, it is very hard to buy one brand of toothbrushes that has enough colours!  In order to differentiate between them, we all have ingenious ways to make our toothbrushes look different. Still, accidents do happen when you are not paying attention!
  2. If you want nice snacks that last for a long time, buy it yourself and hide it away! Then eat it when no one is looking!
  3. Which brings me to the next point –  if you don’t want to make tea for a whole crowd of people, you have to learn how be a sneak in the kitchen and make tea in record time!
  4. Your clothes were probably your older siblings at one point.
  5. You are also likely to have matching clothes to some of your other siblings…especially when certain brands of clothes go on sale and your mom buys like three sets in different sizes! 😀
  6. You often borrow clothes from siblings.
  7. Socks disappear at record rates!
  8. Your washing pile is the size of Mt Kilimanjaro.
  9. You have given up ironing a long time ago!
  10. You are most likely the family that brings food in a picnic basket to an event where there is food for sale…especially if you have some teenage brothers that are always hungry!
  11. Cooking a meal becomes catering for a function! You have probably given up making things like pancakes…as soon as you fry one it is eaten up and you will spend at least two hours standing at the stove!
  12. You probably don’t go out to restaurants or get takeaways that much…You cook your own good food at home!
  13. You have probably fought over the last bit of milk in the fridge or the last cookie!
  14. You share a bedroom with your sibling…or siblings.
  15. The chances are pretty high that you have changed a younger siblings nappies!
  16. If you are going somewhere together in the car, it is not uncommon to have a younger brother or sister sitting on your lap.
  17. Noise levels are really high most of the time….especially if you have a parrot like we do!
  18. Your house is rarely clean and tidy….
  19. However if a visitor decides to come visit unexpectedly…you get everyone to clean in a mad rush up until the visitor walks through the door…then you smile like it has always been this tidy and your life is just dandy!
  20. You take turns to wash the dishes.
  21. You go through dish towels like you go through toilet paper! You are known to use old bath towels to dry your dishes!
  22.  Your shopping trolley has unbelievable amounts of toilet paper inside of it!
  23. The neighbors kids probably live at your house.
  24. You are used to having a cold shower….the hot water only goes so far!
  25. Glasses and mugs don’t last that long in your house.
  26. If you have a perfect mug with its handle still on that is not chipped or nicked and has been around for longer than a year…it is a record and worth celebrating!
  27. In fact most things don’t last very long…breakages happen often, whether it is your TV remote or your blender!
  28. In order to get time alone, you possibly have a hobby. It gives much needed thinking time, especially when no one else enjoys your hobby. 😉
  29. Going to the toilet is rarely private…there is always someone knocking at the bathroom door!
  30. Your siblings are your best friends and you enjoy chatting and laughing for hours on end!

Please comment below if you come from a big family and let me know if you have any others to add to this list 🙂

  1. Lovely Roxanne. Peter and I have raised four children, so nowhere near your big happy family. However, I can relate to a few things on the list as their mother.

  2. Hahahaha every one

  3. Oh, Roxanne… Just adore this list – I can relate to pretty much every one…even though there are just seven in my family…{{Smiles}}
    You have a beautiful blog…I am thrilled to be along on your lovely journey!
    Hope you and your family are well…
    Much love,

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