Give your Sneakers a Makeover!

Hey you wonderful people! I have been super busy this week but I wanted to share with you all a little project I have been working on.

From time to time, I enjoy doing a little embroidery. I find that it’s a relaxing hobby and inspires me creatively. Recently, I was thought it would be a good idea to to embroider a pair of sneakers! It is a great way to personalize a pair of ordinary shoes and turn them into something unique!

Sneakers are always cool! I find that they are comfortable to wear and this is a great way to have a pair that is original and girly! 😉 Unless you are a guy, then perhaps you could find a design that is a little more manly! 😀

The following is a basic tutorial if you would like to do something similar yourself. I came up with this design off the top of my head but you can do anything you like, as long as you have a primary knowledge of the basic embroidery stitches. Otherwise, YouTube is always a great tool to help you to get started!

You will need:

  1. Embroidery cotton in different shades. I  mostly used Venus Pearl Cotton No25.
  2. A pair of sneakers or any shoe of your choice!
  3. A needle and a pair of scissors.
  4. A whole bunch of creativity!

Start by penciling in your design

If you are doing a similar design to me, start with the biggest flower and in two different shades, embroider long and short stitch around the edges.

Add another shade of long and short stitch and finish the middle with some french knots in the darkest shade of cotton you have.

I embroidered the two smaller flowers in long and short stitch in one shade along the outside and then left them as is. I thought that they looked nice unfinished but you can do whatever!

Embroider the stems in the darkest shade of green cotton using a basic split stitch. Do the leaves in two lighter shades of your green cotton using the closed herringbone stitch.

I was really pleased with my end result!

I hope that you enjoyed this very basic tutorial. Feel free to copy my design or get creative and do something different. This was actually my second pair of sneakers that I have done. I embroidered the first pair with a very triangular modern design. The opportunities really are endless!

I hope that you have a beautiful week! Please feel free to comment. You are welcome to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them. Otherwise let me know if you have done anything similar!

Lots of love xx



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