A Glimpse of our Life on the Farm

Hello! I thought it would be great to give you a glimpse into some of our farm life as of late. Many people ask us what we farm and my mom likes to say that we farm children! This perhaps rings true to some extent. While we don’t farm commercially, we do dabble in different projects and our aim is to someday become self sufficient.

Yesterday, one of our ewes gave birth to twins!

I was so excited to see them being born. New life is always a beautiful thing to behold. They are literally the cutest little things ever.

I love lavender and I am in the process of growing some bushes along my fence.

I planted these lavender bushes two years ago. At the time we had a naughty goat. Our goat nibbled at them and then taught the sheep to nibble at them. In almost no time, my lavender bushes were chewed right down to almost nothing. My sweet brothers then fenced them in for me and I slowly nurtured them back to life. I am so thankful that they have lasted! I am even more grateful that they are holding on and surviving a drought that we are currently having.

It is certainly very dry and rain is much needed. Our dams are the lowest they have been in the twelve years we have lived on the farm.

This was taken next to our dam, where some of the water has dried up.

Our chickens. Or as I like to call them…”Chickadees”…yes I am weird like that!

Some of the Gypsophila that my mom grows and supplies to local florists.

She also grows Statice. She grows quite a number of varieties of flowers. Most of them are not in bloom at the moment, owing to the fact that it is winter and we are waiting for the drought to break.

Almost all of the trees have lost their leaves. A few leaves still seem to be holding on for dear life!

Strawberries growing out of a wall. A marvelous idea my grandmother had!

This is where our family likes to gather. It is so warm and cosy, especially in the evenings. We do all of our cooking and baking on this stove. That whistling kettle works overtime providing us all with countless cups of tea and coffee (excuse the dent…that is was happens with so many kiddos around!)

I hope that you enjoyed this small glimpse of some of our farm life and that you have a beautiful blessed week!

The LORD will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand to. The LORD your God will bless you in the land. Deuteronomy 28:8










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  1. Oh, Roxanne… What a delightful glimpse into life on your farm! Such beautiful photographs, too… Aww…that precious little lamb! {{Smiles}} Reading your post made me long for the farm…I can’t wait to move into a house and start growing vegetables in wooden boxes! {{smiles}} I will always be a country girl!
    Thinking of you and sending love your way….hoping to someday visit your farm and dear family!

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